ENG – Malene Melander

Welcome to "Your online love guidance" 

I am so happy you found your way in here, because I know: 

  • You are dreaming of a more loving relationship​
  • You are longing for more ME-time
  • You are interested in knowing your child even better - and minimize the everyday conflicts
  • You wish there is an easier way being a mom, spouse and at same time having space to just be YOU

​I know this, because I have guided women several years to gain a life in better balance. 

I guide you, who as a women seeks tools to improve your relationship with more love and better sex.

And I guide you as a mother, who wants more joy in your family life and less conflicts and stress in your everyday life. ​

On this page you will find tips and tools to be more balanced ​and happy.

As you can see my website is in Danish. I now also want to provide tips and tools in English. So please check in once in a while. More tools and tips will come. 

And please don´t hesitate to contact me if there is a subject you really want me to tell more about. 

The more I know what you seek in English/ International sign - I will be happy to work on it. 


Malene Melander * Love Coach * Certified Sexologist and couple therapist * Family guidance * Passionate teacher *